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Blakemore Consulting has a proven track record in assisting our clients attain their goals. We measure our own success by that of our clients. The examples below illustrate the extent of success that has been achieved from implementing our methods.

In some cases companies have not agreed to reveal their identity. Genuinely interested parties are welcome to contact us for reference materials to prove these actual case studies.

  •  Leadership of a team of scientists, engineers, and mathematicians in 4 countries with 4 Universities and the Royal Hospital for Women and including work in Silicon Valley USA and Xiamen China, achieving a performance result in real time for the screening for cervical cancer which is better than the conventional PAP smear at TruScreen.
  • Use of the 22 Creative ideas to invent peripheral iridectomy to save eyesight. Now used worldwide and to save my own eyesight in 1991. Blakemore Goldberg method.
  • Leadership of a team of scientists and engineers developing the first Quality Management System in Australia in 1980 to 1982, 5 years before ISO and Australian AS1822. System based on the Canadian Nuclear Standards at Wormald Machinery Group.
  • Use of the 26 Flow rules to increase the profitability of $250M T/O company from a loss of $0.5M per year to $40M EBITA in 2.7 years at Shaw Carpets, Australia, USA
  •  Leadership of a team introducing the ceramic foam filters to the Aluminium industry. Consolidated Aluminum USA
  • Invention of a new way to galvanize complex parts at Tubemakers.
  •  Invention of a new way to increase the strength of Steel using own PhD method. Tubemakers.
  • Invention of a new way to alleviate galling …Tubemakers
  • Invention on a new bottom pot insulation for the Aluminium industry Heat Containment Industry
  •  Invention of new coating for car paint protection. Blakemore Consulting
  •  Authorship of 6 books.
  • The first Quality System in Australia in 1980-1982 at Wormwald Machinery.
  • Cochlear. 3 conceptual production lines developed for Cochlear implants.
  • Shaw (USA). Loss converted to $40M EBITA profit in 2.5 yrs by applying lean rules to IT system.
  • Precision Valve. Improved process control achieved leading to export growth, with 4 out of 6 of our major customers now overseas.
  • CSSC. This client converted a net loss of $60,000pa into an impressive profit exceeding $600,000 net in only 1 year.
  • Food Industry. Already successful company experienced an outstanding increase in productivity of 380% in only 6 months. - Award winning.
  • Pirelli Cables. Major Defects reduced from 200 per month to only 20 per month PLUS a productivity increase from 70% to 130% theoretical in 3 years. - Award winning.
  • Timber Industry. Waste reduced by 80% in 3 key process areas.
  • Logistical Services. Profit doubled in 1 year.
  • Panasonic. New IT based pricing and ordering system developed.
  • US Air-Force. Written a paper titled "Maximising Profit with Short Production Runs" as a strategic resource which is used as a valuable resource by the US Air-Force.
  • Hospital Pharmacy. Moved quality ranking for 600 in the world to top tier using "The Quality Solution".

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