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Strategic Advantage - Innovation

Blakemore Consulting International is a specialist in the application of Lean Manufacturing continuous flow and innovation of process and product. Twenty Six Lean continuous flow creative tools have been developed to assist in improving customer service as the inventory is reduced and the value added is increased. Those are the result of extensive successful R&D programs.

John Blakemore was a member of the Aust Government's Industrial Research and Development Board, Engineering and Manufacturing Committee (2000 - 2006) and has served as a Director on numerous Boards including the Australian Institute of Management. Earlier he was an associate of the Australian Graduate School of Engineering Innovation (AGSEI). He was also an International Nickel Research  Fellow.

Blakemore Consulting offer both basic and advanced management programs focused on methods to increase profits and enhance growth. Our international experience will prove exceptionally beneficial to any business involved in import/export operations.

Our Services Include:
  Lean Manufacturing Process Innovation
  Lean Creative Flow Core Processes Analysis
  Supply Chain Management Export Plan Creation
  Financial Diagnostics Preparation of Marketing Plans
  Strategic Planning Training Workshops
  Organisational Diagnostics Self Help Publications
  Quality Management Systems  Enterprise Connect Programs
  Preparation of Business Plans  Key Performance Indicator Analysis
  Statistical Process Control Value Chain Analysis



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